The new school year is upon us. A reason to celebrate, not only for children and adult students; but also for the inwhatlanguage team members, as well.
inwhatlanguage is a professional translation agency, and as such we provide high-quality translation and interpretation services to those who need accurate, fast results at an affordable price. This, however, can only be achieved by  the talent of thousands of extremely gifted linguists, translators and interpreters, for whom education, and more specifically, language education, has been a key part of their lives. Without a good understanding  of world culture, social skills, tolerance and foreign languages, our translators would probably lack the special touch they bring to our translations, and without it, we could not have reached the quality level we can pride ourselves in.
For these reasons, it is obvious that we at inwhatlanguage feel a special bond with the world of language education. We don’t teach language per se, but we eagerly support innovative, promising programs that offer alternatives for children and adults to improve their language skills and get ready for a globalized world.
And there is no better way to prove this than to actually invest in them.
Such is the case of Ken Garff Automotive Group’s community program “Road to Success”. A program of the “Success in Education Foundation”, as described on Ken Garff’s official website, Road to Success is “designed to reward students for making and reaching academic goals so they feel a sense of accomplishment, thereby building the foundation for future learning”, and it follows a strategy of offering many attractive prices for kids in exchange for their efforts in improving their reading skills. Road to Success has proven to be a success in itself in many many schools in the state of Utah.
In its commitment to education AND to languages, inwhatlanguage has decided to take part in this wonderful initiative by sponsoring one of those schools – a dual immersion school where children between the ages of 5 to 12 study for half the day in English and half the day in Spanish. Furthermore, iwl members visit these children once a month and read books to them –both in English and in Spanish-, play games and engage in all sorts of fun, interactive activities with them.
“Our sponsorship dollars are put towards incentives that the children can earn based on the amount of reading they complete,” says inwhatlanguage CEO, Cody Broderick. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”


After participating in the amazing Rubber Ducky Derby, organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, whose main goal is to make sick children’s dreams come true, iwl’s commitment to  society and children has gotten even stronger. “Community involvement and non-profitable campaigns are also something that we will be highly involved with moving forward,” Broderick assures. “It really is the brand I want to build for inwhatlanguage.”