LMX, inWhatLanguage’s translation management system, now has integrated messaging and video conferencing to enhance internal and client communications. It has all of the features you would see in Slack and Zoom, combined in our own private system.

This provides our linguists and clients a significant advantage in communicating to get jobs done right. Clients and linguists don’t need to purchase a license to any other system to have instant and continuous access through chat, screen sharing, and online meetings. They have all these capabilities through our integrated LMX Chat, live at all times in LMX!

An Overview of LMX Chat

The home screen provides ten helpful hints on how to use the app and get up to speed quickly.

You can direct message anyone you need, including inWhatLanguage staff, linguists, and clients. LMX Chat also makes it easy to ask questions of support and review any app update notifications.

Clients receive automatically created private channels with all of their team members in LMX and the account managers and project managers that work on their jobs. You can also create your own private groups to manage group communications.

LMX Chat has all the tools you will need, including video chat (includes screen share), threads, search, user info, file search and management, and alert settings, as well as a dropdown menu to manage your messages.

It’s easy to customize your layout and your account.

The chat message windows are loaded with additional features to make your messages pop.

You can leave voice messages by hitting the mic icon, as well as drag and drop files for quick file transfer.

Emojis are included, and there are a lot of categories of emojis to choose from.

Start your own video chats; there is nothing to install! You can share your video link with anyone and choose your mic and camera options. Once you are in a video meeting, you have all the features you need to conduct a great meeting.

Record meetings, text chat, file share, raise your hand, screen share, and much more with LMX Chat!