Last Wednesday was International Work Day, and as a person living in Europe, I enjoyed the holiday and congratulated all the hard-working people that surrounded me – including the members of the inwhatlanguage family via Facebook. I wrote that they are the best because, well, they are, for many reasons that I unfortunately couldn’t specify in the post.
First of all, for their professionalism. They keep their promises, they guarantee certain standards and they deliver, and that is something that our clients can confirm. They are fast, friendly and communicative. That is what others can easily see for themselves.
As for me, for instance, someone who can speak from “the inside”, I can add a couple of things that could be surprising for many. When I talk about the “inwhatlanguage” family, it’s not just a literary embellishment – I do it for a simple reason: inwhatlanguage DOES feel like a family. We are all young, driven people with a passion for languages, who can get sometimes so excited about them that we ask each other “geeky” questions or tell jokes that only people in this circle would find funny.
Last week, for instance, I was writing my previous blog post about proofreading and came up with the following sentence: “Proofreading is to a translation what yeast is to a good loaf of bread: without it, they both feel half-baked”. After reading it a couple of times, I felt that the “half-baked” part could potentially sound inappropriate, so I went around asking what other people thought. After some laughs and suggestions, we manage to change it to “without it, they both fall flat”.
It’s a funny anecdote, but it goes to show how much we care about making ourselves understood, and how much we enjoy playing with languages and exploring their possibilities.
The members of this family are always there for each other, despite the thousands of miles separating us. More than once I’ve actually talked freely with my superiors about stuff happening in my daily life – that is not something one usually does with one’s boss, but in our case it’s just natural. We work together, and we care for each other – and it works. And that is possibly why inwhatlanguage also feels like that to others, and why our clients immediately notice the closeness and the welcoming atmosphere.


I’ve been working with inwhatlanguage for a while now, and I felt like this from the beginning. With time, the feelings have only intensified. Luckily enough, because the future looks promising – inwhatlanguage is sure to keep providing quality translation services for a good while. And its fun personality is not about to change.