Fully Automate the Translation of Your Multilingual Help Center

Translate help articles for your global customers and provide useful information in their native language. The inWhatLanguage integration for Zendesk Guide and Zendesk Support ensures the translation of your help center is automated and always up to date. 

Why choose Zendesk + inWhatLanguage?

The Zendesk connector enables authors to translate help center articles without ever leaving Zendesk. Simply label articles for translation to automatically initiate translation projects. After translation, seamlessly receive articles back in Zendesk to be reviewed, or publish them right away.

Reach global markets and boost online sales

Easily translate your ecommerce site into multiple languages and give customers a fully localized online shopping experience.

Save on translation costs without compromising on quality

Leverage AI-powered machine translation and translation memory to create scalable translation processes. inWhatLanguage will store past translations so you can reuse them wherever possible..

Reduce costs without compromising on quality

Translate product information with AI-powered machine translation and translation memory. inWhatLanguage automatically stores past translations so you never have to translate the same sentence twice.


What our customers say

Using the inWhatLanguage connector for Zendesk, and especially the ability to submit content via labels and flags directly from Zendesk, has saved our submitters a lot of time and has enabled a much more streamlined workflow. The connector has completely automated the translation of our Help Center content into 13 languages and has made the whole translation process much easier.

Localization Manager