Fully Automate the Translation of Salesforce Knowledge Articles

The Salesforce Knowledge + inWhatLanguage integration ensures that your multilingual knowledge base is consistent and always up to date.

Why choose Salesforce + inWhatLanguage?

The integration enables authors to translate knowledge base articles without ever leaving Salesforce. It eliminates the hassle of manually transferring content for translation in spreadsheets or emails, so you can save hours of project management time, and easily help customers in their own language. 

Speed up the translation process

Say goodbye to copy and paste and streamline your translation process! Automatically send content for translation when files are updated, and receive them back in your chosen S3 bucket when complete.

Save on translation costs without compromising on quality

Leverage AI-powered machine translation and translation memory to create scalable translation processes. inWhatLanguage will store past translations so you can reuse them wherever possible..

Ensure accurate, top-quality translations

With automatic syncing, you’ll have no problem keeping your localized files up-to-date, while robust QA features make sure the correct terminology is used across all of your content. 

How does inWhatLanguage integrate with Salesforce?

he plug&play connector does not require any coding, so you can get started translating your knowledge base right away, and without ever leaving Salesforce. Simply label the articles you want to translate to automatically start the translation process in inWhatLanguage . After translation, seamlessly receive articles back in Salesforce to be reviewed, or publish them right away. The integration supports the Classic and the Lightning versions of Salesforce Knowledge.