Gridly + inWhatLanguage

Marketo translation integration for faster content localization

Marketo translation integration for faster content localization

Speed up your game localization with our integration for Gridly

Gridly is a spreadsheet for multi-language content that is tailor-made for games and digital products. Using Gridly and Memsource together enables you to easily localize your in- and out-game content and manage multilingual teams while keeping full control of the localization process.



Automatically send game content to translation projects

No more downloading and uploading files. The Gridly integration makes it easy to import strings for translation and create jobs.


Translate via bridge languages

Use pivot localization to translate from the non-English source languages. Combine direct translations with pivot languages to speed up the translation process and improve quality.


Keep track of what's out of date

Filter content that needs to be translated, easily send it to Memsource, fetch translations into Gridly and push updates to the live game via API.


Granular access control

Create different views for translators, LQA testers, or localization project leads. See who made changes and when. Roll-back updates if needed.