Boost Your Translation Workflow With the inWhatLanguage Integration for Google Drive

Seamlessly keep your language files organized, accessible, and up-to-date. Using inWhaLanguage and Google Drive together ensures smarter and more efficient collaboration for your localization teams.

Why choose Google Drive + inWhatLanguage?

Say goodbye to tedious manual work, and let the Google Drive integration automate the translation process every step of the way. 

Speed up your translation workflow

Simply add new files to a shared Google Drive folder and inWhatlanguage will automatically launch the translation process based on your settings.

Save time with automatic updates

With automatic syncing, you’ll have no problem keeping your localized files up to date. inWhatLanguage detects copy changes in your source files and instantly sends content for translation. ..

Create efficient translation processes

Robust QA features make sure the correct terminology is used across all of your content, while AI-powered machine translation helps to create scalable translation processes.


What our customers say

The Google Drive integration was one of the main reasons we chose inWhatLanguage. It’s so easy and quick to send files to inWhatLanguage and really cuts down on manual tasks. We simply drop the files in a shared Google Drive folder and inWhatLanguage automatically creates a project and assigns it to translators. This has reduced the amount of time it takes to set up a translation project by 80%.

Chief Editor, Mercari