Create an Integrated Translation and Design Ecosystem

Start the translation process while designs are still a mockup and enjoy faster release cycles, instead of waiting for the development phase to be completed. The Figma + inWhatLanguage integration enables you to design in Figma and seamlessly send content to inWhatLanguage for translation.

Why choose Figma + inWhatLanguage?

Connect to inWhatLanguage for faster release cycles

Start translating as soon as the design prototypes are ready and decrease time to market. Without leaving Figma, pseudo-translate strings to test if translations fit the designs.

Improve quality with visual context

Push key descriptions and UI reference images from Figma to inWhatLanguage to give translators proper context for their translations, which improves translation quality and reduces feedback loops.

Be smart with your translations

Leverage existing translations stored in the translation memory for the finished product, and use AI-powered machine translation for faster, cheaper, and more consistent translation.

How does Figma integrate with inWhatLanguage?

With the Figma + inWhatLanguage plugin, there’s no need to leave Figma to initiate the translation process. When you create a design in Figma, texts are automatically pushed to inWhatLanguage and seamlessly sent back when complete. With real-time updates, you can always check the progress of your team’s translations, eliminating the back and forth between product managers, designers, and translators.