Create Efficient Translation Workflows and Deliver Multilingual Sites Faster

The Drupal + inWhatLanguage integration enables marketing and project management teams to easily deliver online experiences to  global audiences.

Why choose Drupal + inWhatLanguage?

Manage the entire translation process without ever leaving Drupal, and publish your multilingual sites in just a few clicks.

Speed up the translation process

Select multiple languages for translation at once and send projects to inWhatLanguage in just a few clicks. Seamlessly receive translations back in Drupal to be reviewed, or publish them right away.

Easily manage multilingual projects

Assign projects to translators and monitor progress without leaving Drupal. inWhatLanguage uses the TMGMT framework so you don’t have to switch between systems to initiate translation projects.

Ensure high-quality translations

Leverage automated QA checks, translation memories, and termbases to ensure the right terminology is used throughout your site.

How does inWhatLanguage integrate with Drupal?

The inWhatLanguage integration for Drupal helps to create an efficient and scalable translation workflow, no matter the complexity of your site. Install the TMGMT plugin within your Drupal instance and easily connect to inWhatLanguage in just a few clicks. The integration supports both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8/9.