Leverage Powerful Data Analytics in inWhatLanguage

Monitor translation quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs with Data Analytics. Gain deeper data insights that drive strategic decision making with inWhatLanguage built-in dashboards or the advanced Snowflake integration for Enterprise clients.


Analytics Dashboard

Use inWhatLanguage built-in dashboards to monitor your translation projects and optimize costs. With the Analytics Dashboard you can easily create detailed reports and make informed business decisions, without the need for a specialized data team. Keep an eye on the status of your projects, your team’s productivity, and the savings from machine translation. Working with translation agencies? Analyze the cost per vendor or evaluate translation memory leverage.

Improve translation quality and consistency

With robust quality assurance and translation glossaries, you can be sure  the right terminology and messaging is used across your multilingual content. 

Save time with automatic translation updates

Have more time to spend crafting content, rather than managing translations. Automatically send updated content for translation and receive the translations back when complete. 

Reduce costs without compromising on quality

Leverage AI-powered machine translation and translation memory. inWhatLanguage allows you to reuse past translations for faster, cheaper, and more consistent translations.