Easily Translate and Manage Your Multilingual Assets

The inWhatLanguage integration for Adobe Experience Manager enables marketing and localization managers to centralize multilingual assets and content management. The integration eliminates the hassle of switching between your CMS and translation management system.

Create an efficient multilingual content strategy

Using Adobe Experience Manager and inWhatLanguage together ensures that you deliver your multi-channel marketing content to the right people at the right time, and in their preferred language.

inWhatLanguage also supports Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

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Why choose Adobe Experience Manager + inWhatLanguage?

Reach global markets and boost online sales

Easily translate your ecommerce site into multiple languages and give customers a fully localized online shopping experience.

Save on translation costs without compromising on quality

Leverage AI-powered machine translation and translation memory to create scalable translation processes. inWhatLanguage will store past translations so you can reuse them wherever possible..

Reduce costs without compromising on quality

Translate product information with AI-powered machine translation and translation memory. inWhatLanguage automatically stores past translations so you never have to translate the same sentence twice.

What our customers say

We’ve boosted our localization process since switching to inWhatlanguage. We use inWhatLanguage Adobe Experience Manager integration to translate our website into 10 different languages, and the process is faster and more seamless. The new in-context preview feature allows us to create translations that organically fit the context of the page, cutting down on QA needs and reducing time-to-market. 

Principal System Analyst, NI