Integrate with Adobe Commerce, Powered by Magento

Translate your eCommerce store with inWhatlanguage, and win over your global shoppers.  inWhatLanguage also integrates with Magento Open Source.

Manage ecommerce translations efficiently

Streamline your translation process with Memsource’s intuitive translation management system. Manage  translations and assign projects to translators in one centralized location. 

No more managing translations with csv files or by sending  emails. Create an automated and scalable translation workflow with Memsource!

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Why choose Adobe commerce + inWhatLanguage?

Reach global markets and boost online sales

Easily translate your ecommerce site into multiple languages and give customers a fully localized online shopping experience.

Save on translation costs without compromising on quality

Leverage AI-powered machine translation and translation memory to create scalable translation processes. inWhatLanguage will store past translations so you can reuse them wherever possible..

Reduce costs without compromising on quality

Translate product information with AI-powered machine translation and translation memory. inWhatLanguage automatically stores past translations so you never have to translate the same sentence twice.

How does inWhatLanguage integrate with 
Adobe Commerce?

The plug&play connector does not require any coding, so you can get started translating your products, categories, pages, and blocks right away. With inWhatLanguage automated workflows, you can skip the hassle of manually transferring content for translation, save time, and bring your products to market faster.