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Many tourists may find themselves short on money during their travels in Thailand. There are numerous ways to make your money work for you, but many tourists are unaware of these ways. If you take the time to learn the different tips and tricks for traveling in the country, it can change the whole course of your trip in a positive direction. Listed below are some of the best ways to save money while traveling, or living for a short period of time, in Thailand.

Go During the Low Season

It will cost a lot less money if you decide to travel to Thailand during the low season. The low season is considered the months between April and September. Things like flights, accommodation, automobile rentals, and other tourist attractions may be found at a significantly lower rate during these months. Most of the rental apartments are not being used during the low season, so the owners of these apartments are very open to haggling for any price they can offer the apartments at. Restaurant owners also offer their food at a significantly lower rate during these seasons.

Become Your Own Chef

Many tourists are not keen on cooking for themselves on vacation, but it can end up saving you a lot of money in the end. Many people will purchase a cheap rice cooker, so they can enjoy the basic “Thai Cuisine” without spending large amounts of money. You can even have fun with your family and friends by trying different types of recipes from the country. All ingredients can be found at local stores, and they are normally available at reasonable prices.

Beware of Taxi Drivers

There are many times in Thailand where haggling with someone is expected. It is very normal to haggle with your taxi driver before leaving for your destination. If you are a foreigner, do not expect to get a fair price from your driver. The safest way to get a fair price is to find a cab that has a taxi meter. This meter is built in and is guaranteed to give you a cheaper price than a driver will. Also be sure to make sure the meter is actually on and running before you leave for your trip. Some drivers will try to cover the meter with an object to obstruct your view.

Haggle for Everything

Because you are a foreigner, many shop owners will try to give you unfair prices for their items and merchandise. They may even try to sell you fake or knock-off items for a higher price. Always try to haggle when buying items. Chances are, you will actually haggle down to the normal price.

Choose From Night or Second Class Travel

If you choose to travel overnight on a train or a bus, you will most likely save a significant amount of money. From the beginning, the tickets are normally offered at a cheaper price by default. You can also save significant travel time by simply traveling while you are sleeping.
If you are looking for an overall cheaper route, trains are the better option for a bus. The problem with trains is that they usually cover fewer routes than a bus will. Traveling by plane is most definitely the most costly option when traveling long distances in Thailand.
It goes without saying that traveling second class is the cheaper option. It may be less comfortable, or not as “up to par” with your normal tastes, but it is also a significant way to save money.

Try a Motorbike

If you are on the more adventurous side, a motorbike may be the best option for your daily travels. Most experts especially recommend a motorbike in the larger cities such as Pattaya and Phuket because most of the taxi companies have been found to be corrupt.

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