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Make Your Animated Videos Multilingual

So we know you’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect Vyond video… now let’s show it to the whole video! Whether you need voice-over, dubbing, transcription, closed captioning, or other translation needs, we’re here to help.


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Who Reads These Days Anyways?

When it comes to reaching a global audience, media content matters. In many cases, people are much more willing to watch a video if it means they can avoid reading. To be honest, we’ll be impressed if you read this entire paragraph. Especially since there’s a cool video right there.

If you’re in need of multilingual animated videos, you’re in the right place.

One Location For All Video Translation Needs

Multilingual voiceovers, subtitling, dubbing, closed captioning, and more are all available with inWhatLanguage.

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Multilingual Videos Explained

Voice-over vs. Dubbing

We provide voice-over services to record translated content over the original audio track. The original audio can still be faintly heard in the background, which is an effective method for E-Learning, news broadcasts, documentaries or training materials.

Dubbing usually involves a cast of professional voice actors to completely replace the original audio track with the translated content. Our network of professional linguists are skilled at timing, creativity, and accuracy to communicate your message.

Subtitling vs. Closed Captions

Subtitling is an art that requires both precision and creativity to translate only the words spoken. We make sure to capture style and content of the original media source, even if we have to adapt or paraphrase certain parts. It’s a necessary step to synchronize the translation length to be readable and enjoyable for your audience.

Closed captioning may involve additional accuracy and skill to include sound effects with the translated words. You can count on us to ensure your media content is just as informative, funny, and dramatic as the original source.