When thinking of truly globalized industries, the automotive industry is one of the first to come to mind. The auto industry is firmly connected with the day-to-day lives of people in the vast majority of countries around the world. This industry is also home to some of the world’s top global companies. However, it would not be where it is today without the assistance of automotive translation services.

Let’s take a look at how translation has accelerated growth in the automotive industry.

Customer Satisfaction and Safety

Customer satisfaction is always important to business, no matter the industry involved. Within the auto industry, though, customer satisfaction and safety go hand-in-hand.

Consumers worldwide depend on accurate marketing to inform them of their available options, as well as detailed owner’s manuals to keep them safe after they make their purchase. In fact, the owner’s manual is so critical to safety that it is a requirement for auto companies to translate all of their user manuals into the local languages of the countries where they sell. To keep customers satisfied and engaged, good communication must exist from the first step of the marketing stage and continue after the consumer has the keys in their hand with after-sales services. And, good communication is not possible without the use of accurate translation.

Global Supply Chain

Over time, it has become increasingly popular for automotive companies to segment, specialize, and outsource their supply chains. For example, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and servicing departments for one type of vehicle are likely conducted in various locations globally. Without translation, maintaining a centralized vision of the automobile’s style and operation would be nearly impossible.

Additionally, the production of an automobile is very intricate. It starts with the conception of a new design and ends with an owner sitting behind the wheel. As such, there are many opportunities for miscommunication errors to occur during the production process. Pair this with the tendency for auto companies to manufacture in one country and assemble parts in another, and it can get tricky to manage not only the communication involved but also the quality assurance of the product. Qualified automotive translators can limit the probability of a miscommunication error happening.

Complex Jargon

The automotive industry is filled with complex jargon. Many specialized parts go into producing a car, such as plugs, axles, valves, and more. Attempting to paraphrase assembly line instructions without being proficient in automotive mechanics knowledge will only result in costly and potentially dangerous mistakes.

Individuals of all cultures and languages work in the auto industry, and far more drive a vehicle daily. For this reason, all documentation on a vehicle must be translated consistently and accurately. And, to translate it correctly, the translator must have a great understanding of the source material. Furthermore, understanding automotive jargon in one language does not guarantee that there will be a direct word-for-word translation to another language. A technical translator who specializes in the auto industry can provide accurate solutions to these problems.


Brand loyalty is one of the most valuable commodities any company can have. And, brand loyalty is only achieved by serving your customers well and exceeding their expectations.

When expanding to new markets, businesses in the auto industry need to ensure that these markets understand, identify, and develop trust with their brand. Branded communications may include email campaigns, market research surveys, product brochures, and press releases. New customers will feel most satisfied with brands whose messaging feels as though it was specifically crafted for them. Proper cultural messaging certifies that a company can accurately profile its international customers and succeed in remaining brand-consistent across multiple countries.

Professional Automotive Translation Services

If you are in the auto industry and are interested in professional automotive translation services, please contact inWhatLanguage. Allow us to be your partner in translating your automotive content, from marketing materials to technical documentation. We offer language services for maximized growth and technology designed to enhance the language management experience.