Most, if not all, companies know that inclusion in the workplace is vitally important. However, it may come as a surprise that inclusion and accessibility are sometimes given a backseat role in employee training programs. Employee training should not be assigned a “one size fits all” mentality because every employee learns best in different ways. For this reason, designing inclusive online learning programs should be a high priority for any business.

Here are our tips for making your eLearning programs inclusive and accessible to every member of your team.

Using the Right Languages

When designing your eLearning courses, you need to be aware of your team’s linguistic preferences. Even if your employees can speak and understand English, you may still want to translate your course into their native language. The reasoning for this is because it is often easier to retain information faster when learning new things in one’s native language.

Additionally, think about how you can use language to make your course more user-friendly. For example, when designing your program, avoid using technical terms and complex words whenever possible. Keep sentences short, use a friendly tone, and don’t use complicated jargon unless it’s absolutely required.

Representation in Gamification

Many people learn better when there is an element of gameplay involved. This fact is why gamification is so valuable in eLearning. However, when adding game-like features to your online training courses, representation matters. Individuals are more likely to interact and engage with content when they see themselves reflected in it.

Make sure that not all your characters look alike in your course. After all, not all employees look the same in the real world. Some factors to keep in mind when designing characters are race, gender, and age.

Diversified Content Delivery

Are you using multiple methods to share your content with your employees? For example, does your training program include videos, infographics, and quizzes, or do you only focus on one of these methods? Truthfully, your content must be delivered in diverse ways to be most effective since not everyone learns in the same way. While one employee may thrive with video content, another may learn best by reading the material. Design your program with multiple learning formats to remain inclusive.

inWhatLanguage Understands Inclusive Online Learning

With the above tips, your company will be better equipped to design inclusive online learning programs, keeping your employees engaged and helping your business thrive.

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