It’s no secret that companies focused on customer-centricity are more likely to succeed and grow. inWhatLanguage is committed to staying focused on its customers’ goals and desired outcomes. In order to better listen to its customers, inWhatLanguage prepares a bi-annual survey that is sent out to its clients. The responses from this survey are then analyzed with the goal of improving business practices to better match customer needs.
Our most recent client survey was conducted in October 2017. We gained valuable insight from our customers’ responses that we are continuously implementing into our business to improve customer experience.
The most common type of content that our customers will be translating and localizing in 2018 is marketing and advertising content. Other responses most identified by our customers included multimedia (video/audio) content, e-learning and training materials, technical documentation, website and SEO content, and digital media.
Over 95% of our clients stated that the most important factor in selecting a language service provider (LSP) is quality. Other important factors that were identified by our customers included turnaround time, price and customer service.
Our customers are unique, and they each have unique challenges their companies are facing. Clients stated that having adequate capacity and time allotted for translation is challenging due to an increased demand for translation services. Finding a neutral translation of a language with many regionalisms is also a difficult task. Customers would like guidance in identifying what types of content to translate, as well as access to an integrated system and consistency in turn-around time. Overall, our clients want a streamlined system that leads to sufficient project management.
We appreciate the valuable feedback our customers provide to us. inWhatLanguage is always looking to grow and deliver an exceptional client experience, and we’re excited to tell you how we can meet all your language service needs.


The client review module breaks the translation into six categories for quality control: preference edits, grammar edits, meaning edits, typos, omissions, and additions. Any errors found within the meaning, grammar, typos, omission or addition categories are considered serious hard errors, which impacts the quality percentage. Our clients can evaluate the nature of the edits and distinguish hard errors from preferential edits and see the overall quality percentage.
The Client Review feature of UNIFY streamlines the process of allowing in-house translators to edit completed files. Instead of going back and forth with track changes, Client Review allows reviewers to make comments and classify their edits. We don’t complete a project until you approve it.


Advanced predictive technology and a network of professional linguists work in harmony to create consistent and accurate translations. The combination of human linguists using predictive technology means your translation project will be completed much faster.
Our centralized, real-time UNIFY platform brings all project collaborators together to cut out unnecessary communication. The translation project can be uploaded, translated into multiple languages, and prepared for a completed download in a cloud-based platform for a much more streamlined process.


You save money because you don’t have to waste time preparing, editing or fixing files for translation–especially with files that have code in them. You can save more time and effort when keeping track of current projects or versions of translations.
Being able to maintain consistent messaging and branding helps your company establish clear communication to improve engagement with a global audience.
As far as the actual dollar amount, we offer an enterprise-wide platform to allow all departments to leverage translation memory for any content types. Translation memory provides a major advantage because we don’t charge for any repeat words, which can save you 5%-40% over time.
Work that is traditionally completed manually can now be done quickly and easily with our automated process. Volume discounts are also available to clients with large translation projects.


If you haven’t experienced the green pants, our global growth podcast, incredible culture or friendly team… you’re missing out! We do everything we can to develop technology to specifically solve our clients’ concerns. We also make the process as streamlined as possible to relieve the burden of language services from your shoulders.
Reach out today for a demo of UNIFY and ask to see these specific features we’ve discussed today. We’ll look forward to providing you a customized solution to any translation problem.