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Contentful provides a headless content management infrastructure to create, manage and distribute content to any platform or device.

Supported Localization Methods

Contentful supports multiple localization methods. See Contentful documentation for their detailed description.

Entry-Level Localization

Use Contentful (Entry-Level) connector.

The entry-level connector only works with content types that have localized reference fields (e.g., a reference field called Localized that is enabled for localization).

Field-Level Localization

Use Contentful connector.

The field-level connector only works with content types that have a translatable field (e.g., either Text or Rich Text field with enabled localization) and Media Assets. If the connector is configured to import referenced entries, it traverses the entire hierarchy of nested content and imports all translatable fields for translation. If the reference field is enabled for localization, it imports the reference that match the inwhatlanguage project’s source language.


Use Cases

There are a number of use cases for the connector:

  • Project Managers can add files directly to projects from an online repository. Content is searchable by Entity ID.

  • Set up theAutomation Widget so Submitters can add files to requests directly from the online repository. Content is searchable by Entity ID.

  • Use Automated Project Creation (APC)to have inwhatlanguage automatically create new projects when a change in the content size is detected for monitored documents or a folder.

    • Selected files are imported the very first time APC runs.

  • The Connector APIcan be used to automate steps otherwise performed manually through the UI.Webhooks can be used to have inwhatlanguage notify 3rd party systems about certain events (for example, a job status change).

    Set up the Connector

    • The Source language of inwhatlanguage project must match the Default locale of the Contentful space that is configured in Contentful’s Locales settings.

    • Target languages of the project must be a subset of Contentful target locales. The languages must match exactly; for example, English and English (United States) are considered different languages.

    Contentful Settings

    No changes are required.