At the tables, from left to right, Sondra Creps and Veronica Johnson.
On the floor, Natalie Herrera, Brian Palmer and Ty Palmer.
inwhatlanguage has had its good share of changes and surprises in the last months, but nothing could stop us from being infected with the Christmas spirit. So this year, in our new offices and with a bunch of new people, we are celebrating the holiday season with more joy than ever!
Of course, we never forget those who, for many reasons, cannot celebrate these days the way they would like to. That is why this year iwl is lending a helping hand to three families that could use a little support in order to have a holiday season to remember.
Brian and Ty Palmer with one of the people who received gifts from iwl.
“We are sponsoring three families – parents and kids – that are the type of people that are in great need but would never ask for it. We found it by asking friends through social media,” explains inwhatlanguage CEO, Cody Broderick. Once again, the leader of our little iwl family shows his philanthropic side with an admirable will to help others and a great commitment to society.
Christmas is a time to be with family, to love and to share, and the team at inwhatlanguage does take this very seriously. “There’s something very special about this time of year. At inwhatlanguage, we’re all big fans of the holiday season,” adds Broderick. “From our hearts to yours, we wish you a joyful Christmas and a wonderful 2014.”


No need for further words – let the bells jingle and have yourself a merry little Christmas!