Our iwl Cares monthly initiative has taken place a little later than usual this month, but the results are well worth it! This month, we decided to do a Children’s Book Drive – we collected all sorts of children’s books from the iwl team, friends, relatives and other people interested, and donated them to the non-profit organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of America!
Nearly two-thirds of low-income families in the U.S. own no books. As iwl Cares organizer Bodine discovered this shocking fact, she rushed to initiate one of our most successful iwl Cares campaign so far.
Road sign – donate here!
“I thought it would be awesome if we could provide more kids with books at their homes,” she says. “Many studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between how often children read/are read to at a young age and how well they will do in school. Children who start off behind with reading often stay behind. Reading is obviously a huge part of education and children’s learning and development! Not to mention a big part of inwhatlanguage too!”
Yes! We gathered so many books that we
needed a forklift to carry them!!
As a company focused in translation, interpreting and transcription services, literature is definitely part of our everyday culture, and thankfully has been since a very young age. That is why it is our sincere conviction that everyone should enjoy a good book anytime – and especially children!
After doing some thorough research, Karlie Bodine was completely sure that a Book Drive was definitely a must for inwhatlanguage. “Reading expands vocabulary and writing skills, promotes healthy social and emotional development, helps build up longer attention spans that translates to better retention in school, and enhances imaginative and critical thinking skills and improves memory and concentration,” she explains.
Karlie, enjoying the success 🙂
“Growing up, I was constantly reading. At the dinner table, in the car, at recess, everywhere! I always had access to books” she adds. “I had never realized that it was something I was taking for granted and that not everyone has the same opportunity with something as simple as books.  Once I learned that many children in the U.S. don’t have access to them, I immediately knew I had to do something about it.”
And the initiative was a resounding success! In fact, iwl gathered so many books that a forklift was needed to carry them all – seriously!!


Karlie admits that books were a huge part of her life as a child, and wishes nothing more than to give other children the opportunity to experience this special link with literature as well. With these ideas in mind, she organized a Book Drive in which we would then donate the books to the national non-profit organization Big Brother, Big Sister. “They were beyond excited and appreciative over there – they couldn’t say ‘thank you’ enough,” Karlie remembers fondly.
The iwl team, celebrating another successful iwl Cares campaign! Congratulations!!