Benefits of Video Remote Interpretation


With people becoming more accustomed to video meetings from their homes, video remote interpretation (VRI) is increasing in necessity. With VRI life does not have to slow down if in-person meetings are not feasible. The participants can still communicate without a higher chance of misunderstandings since they are still able to see and hear each other virtually.


Video remote interpretation provides a new level of engagement and understanding. People can have conversations anywhere, anytime and anyplace with the assistance of a professional interpreter. This blog post will define what video remote interpretation is and the many benefits that come with it.


What is video remote interpretation?

Video remote interpretation provides a way for conversations to happen virtually and in real-time. It is ideal when on-site interpretation is not practical. VRI gives the participants the opportunity to see visual and verbal cues the other people exhibit and allows individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to be a part of the conversation.


VRI only requires the participants to have internet and a phone, tablet, or laptop, making it very easy for communication to occur. Conversations can happen anywhere in the world and at any time. Within just a few seconds of logging into the Interpretation Services program, you can be having a conversation. Most of all, VRI provides opportunities where there were once roadblocks in communication.


VRI is ideal in many situations that require quick communication. Some examples are:

Emergency rooms

In an emergency room, there is no time to find an in-person interpreter. VRI makes it possible for an interpreter to be in the room instantly.

Police stations

This is another instance where an interpreter would need to be available as soon as possible, therefore VRI is the best option.

Business overseas

VRI makes it much more cost-effective and efficient for international business meetings to occur.

Immigration court hearings

Rather than hiring an in-person interpreter, court hearings for immigrants can be much easier with linguists on video.

Immigrant education

VRI helps teachers to communicate with the immigrant students and their parents who are not proficient English speakers.


What is the VRI process?


The VRI process with Interpretation Services is very simple. First, you choose a language. There are over 200 languages to choose from, including sign language. Then, you select the audio or video service type you’d prefer. Interpretation Services apps operate on iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Next, you can connect with your interpreter. We have interpreters available on-demand at any time or by appointment. Last, the conversation can begin. Within just 30 seconds you can be connected with an interpreter and communicate with someone who speaks another language and in another part of the world.


What are the benefits of VRI?


Overcome a lack of understanding

The lack of understanding between languages is the largest reason we need interpretation services. Video remote interpretation gives people the opportunity to have a conversation virtually and face to face with the assistance of a professional interpreter.


Ability to communicate via sign language

Other services such as over the phone interpretation (OPI) are great for verbal interpretation but with VRI individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can communicate and be understood as well.


Can be done remotely

Communicating on live video can be done from anywhere in the world. The language barrier and distance barrier are nonexistent with VRI.


Affordable and convenient

The participants only need to have access to an internet connection, a mobile device, or a computer with a webcam in order to communicate through video. There is no expensive equipment or programs required.


Real-time audio and video

The conversations are all live as if everyone is sitting at a table in one location speaking with and listening to one another. The interpreters are available anywhere.


Visual and facial cues

A lot of communication is done with our faces. Video gives the participants the opportunity to see any visual or facial cues that another person in the virtual meeting may portray.


Empowering experience

The people involved can make eye contact with each other and their interpreter during the conversation. Being able to speak without a language barrier and for the deaf to feel seen and heard is an empowering experience.


Additional benefits of working with Interpretation Services

Beyond the many benefits listed above, the advantages of working with Interpretation Services extend even further. The additional benefits are:


  • Certified interpreters
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No specialized equipment needed
  • On-demand or scheduled appointments
  • Quality assurance procedures


If top-of-the-line VRI services are something that you require, please contact Interpretation Services today. More than 1,000 companies have made the switch to Interpretation Services due to our professionalism, speed, and accuracy. With our team of linguists and interpreters, language barriers will be nonexistent for your team. You can learn more about our video remote interpretation services here.